Residents could face $100 charge for not picking up poop at the Flats


Photo by Ronnie Rogers

Ronnie Rodgers

Video by Jack Drain and Tiffany Salameh

The consequences have been set for residents that do not pick up their dog poop in the Flats.

They will now be fined $100 for their first offense.

The $100 fine will go toward collecting the poop, sending it to the third party collection agency, Mr. Dog Poop Inc., and having the company test it. After the first offense, each incident will be reviewed case by case before deciding the appropriate course of action.

If the student does not pay the fine there will be a financial hold put on their account.

Starting this semester the approximately 50 dogs that live in the Flats had to be brought in to have their DNA collected. This was in an effort to reduce the amount of poop left by residents in previous semesters, so the property can remain attractive, clean and healthy.

Robert “Bob” Boyle, Director of Housing and Residence Life said the new policy has been very successful, and no fines have been issued yet.

“We’re getting great responses from residences as far as registering their animals, getting them swabbed and following through [with the policy],” Boyle said.

The university has also added five additional dog waste bins, to bring the total on the property to eight. The bins are now closer to the buildings and there is essentially one bin per complex.

“We really appreciate the residents at the Flats that have animals for following through with meeting our expectations,” Boyle added.

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