Boogeyman on a budget: Scarily simple costume ideas

James Donlon

Halloween is right around the corner, so you know what that means: candy, scary movies and that one friend who’s just a little too into it.

prom queen thing
That one friend who’s just a little too into it. Flickr

It’s that special time of year when your Facebook notifications fill up with costume-party invites  and you’re stuck with a chore instead of a good time.

We’re all in college  so let’s face it; you’re either too broke to buy a costume or too lazy to invest time into a homemade one. That’s why Spinnaker is your destination for costumes at a low cost. Save a few bucks this Halloween with any of these wallet-friendly costume ideas!

  1. The first, and easiest of all our costume ideas is perfect for the pretentious “too cool for school” costume-party goer. All you need is a name tag. Just write a name that isn’t yours, possibly Dan or Chuck, and boom! You’re done. You get to participate without showing any enthusiasm or vulnerability.

  2. Next up we have the most accessible costume. All you need is a piece of paper and a trash bag. Cut a hole in the bottom of the bag, wear it like a poncho, and write the words “Human Garbage” on the paper. It’s that simple! A unique and easy way to express yourself and display the amount of effort you would put into pretty much anything else.

  3. Got an old white sheet lying around? Cut some eye holes and poof! You’re a ghost! Too cliché? Get more specific. Add a third hole to the back of your costume and you’re the ghost of JFK! Add a top hat and you’re the ghost of Abraham Lincoln! There’s 38 other dead presidents to be this Halloween, too!
    D--- son, nice costume. Flickr
    D— son, nice costume. Flickr
  4. Got a favorite TV show? Wish you could dress up as a character from that TV show? Now you can! All you have to do is wear pretty much anything. BAM! You’re an extra in your favorite TV show. To go the extra mile, you could wear a sign that says “Extra” just to avoid questions!

  5. If you’re a guy in college, chances are you’ll be wearing a flannel every day of fall anyway — so why not make it into a costume? Just add a beanie and possibly a fake beard and you’re a lumberjack! For the overachiever, get an axe (fake or real) and cover it in blood (fake or real)! Now you’re a terrifying murderous lumberjack!
  6. Want to be a murderer but don’t want to put in all that effort? Wear pretty much anything! Just be sure to carry a knife and a camera around with you, a pair of thick 70s glasses and a tan windbreaker.
  7. Got a group of friends as poor and pathetic as you? This costume is for the whole crew! Have each person wear a different color shirt; yellow, blue, red, and purple. Hot potato! You’re the Wiggles!  Got more than four people? Add a few more colors and you’re a box of crayons! Have endless fun with all your friends who are just as lazy as you!
    This could be you. Flickr
    This could be you. Flickr


  1. Need a group costume fast? Have everyone wear all black clothes and sunglasses and walk around with one finger on an ear. You’ll like like a group of secret service agents not doing a very good job of protecting the president!

  2. Need a costume idea for you and your boo? Shock everyone showing up to the party at different times. People will be so impressed by your “recently single” costume they won’t notice your tears!

  3. This next costume only requires a piece of white paper and a ball. Tape a strip of paper to each of your shirts and hold the ball in between you. The whole party will applaud your retro “Pong” costume!

Be sure to buy discount candy on Nov. 1 with all the money you saved on costumes. Have fun and stay safe!