Police Beat: Sprayed, shattered and slashed

Logan Ansteatt

Graphic by Jay Srivastava
Graphic by Jay Srivastava

Graffiti while you go

UNFPD responded to reports of graffiti inside a restroom in Building 3. According to the police report, the graffiti had been made sometime between the morning of Oct. 28 and the afternoon of Oct. 31.

The entrance door was adorned with a penis drawn with black marker. The service panel door above the left-side urinal had the phrases “Start Tap-Dance,” “I Love You” and “You All Are Idiots” written in black marker. According to the report, an unknown sharp object was used to etch a five point star on the handicap stall door.

Physical Facilities was able to remove the black marker from the afflicted areas but the carvings on the stall door will require it to be repaired or replaced.

There are no known suspects or witnesses and a canvas was not conducted due to the delay in reporting of the incident. The case is not cleared, but patrol efforts have been suspended.

Shattered glass  

The back window of a woman’s car was smashed in Lot. 44 on Oct. 27. The victim stated that she noticed the back glass of the vehicle was shattered, but found no further damage or any missing items.

According to the report, the victim said she doesn’t have any enemies and does not think anyone is mad at her.  

The responding officer was unable to determine how the window was broken and found no evidence of criminal mischief. There was no photographic evidence obtained from the area of the garage where the vehicle was located. The case has been cleared.

Slashed tires

A vehicle’s tires were found slashed on Oct. 27. The police report states a complainant reported his vehicle vandalized on Oct. 28.

The victim stated he had parked his vehicle on the first floor of Lot. 44 around 10:30 a.m. the previous morning. When he returned that afternoon, he discovered two of his tries were flat.  

After taking his vehicle to a tire store, the victim was advised that the sidewalls of the tires had been slashed and he would need new ones. While driving home, a third tire flattened due to a puncture on its side.

According to the police report, the victim also had two tires on the same vehicle slashed at UNF back in June. No photographic evidence was obtained and no canvas of the area was done due to the delay in reporting. Patrol efforts have been suspended.


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