Police Beat: A crash, a phone, and a parking decal

Logan Ansteatt


Graphic by Jay Srivastava
Graphic by Jay Srivastava

Golf cart crash

A campus maintenance employee was driving a golf cart when he collided with a parked campus owned truck.

The police report states a complainant informed UNFPD that the maintenance employee was operating a golf cart on Jan. 23 when he scraped the back of a campus owned truck, causing slight damage to the vehicle’s bumper.  



Lost not found

A UNF student lost her phone at the Flats at UNF on Jan. 20.  

According to the police report, an officer met with the complainant who stated that she had lost her phone while walking a friend’s dog at the Flats. The complainant used the “Find my Phone” app to track her phone’s location between buildings 7 and 8 of the Flats.

Two officers spoke to several students in both buildings but no usable information was obtained. The case has not been cleared, but patrol efforts have been suspended.


Stolen Decal

UNFPD investigated the theft of a parking decal on Jan. 18.

The police report states the victim parked her scooter in the the fountains parking lot on Jan. 17 around 9:30 p.m. When the victim returned the following morning, she noticed her parking decal had been peeled off and a parking ticket had been left in its place.  

A canvas was not conducted and no video evidence was available from the scooter’s location. The case has not been cleared but patrol efforts have been suspended.


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