Immigration ban: What do you think?

Lili Weinstein

Eiman and Anusha. Photo by Lili Weinstein
Eiman and Anusha. Photo by Lili Weinstein

I asked people of UNF one question: “How do you feel about Trump’s immigration ban?”

Here’s what they had to say.

Eiman Eltinay, Post-Bach, Nutrition

“I feel like this is the time that people are standing united. After a long time, I feel like we do see people coming out more and coming together no matter what religion or race you are. We see more people that are standing united, whether it’s for the women’s march or for any march or anything really. You see more people coming out more than ever right now compared to before. Before, people were united but I feel like we especially see it right now and I feel like that’s the best thing. You never feel alone, even on campus. With President Delaney’s email he sent out, it’s so good to see that UNF and our community is standing so strong and I feel like together, we can make it through.”

Anusha Somayajula, Junior, Bio major, Physician Assistant

“For Trump’s order, I was really sad because this is the time for people to start becoming united. We are way past division and way past hate. Now, this is 2017 and the 21st century and there’s a lot more stuff going on, and because of that, this is the time that we should be united. This is the time that we should accept diversity and learn how to deal with it. It’s not the 1800s anymore. His order was pretty sad in that he’s taking us back five centuries and it’s pretty depressing that there are some people who agree with it. The email [Delaney] sent makes you feel like you belong here and that you are accepted. Diversity is perfect. We should be united and diversified.”

Patrick Borgman, Sophomore, Computer Science

Patrick Borgman. Photo by Lili Weinstein
Patrick Borgman. Photo by Lili Weinstein

“I don’t have a problem with it. I have all these people arguing with it and saying, ‘you’re a big racist meanie because you want to keep Muslims out.’ It’s like, ‘no, that’s not what he’s trying to do.’ He’s trying to protect everybody from nasty people in ISIS that want to utilize something like a refugee camp. These people don’t play by the rules and people are thinking that we are going to be nice, but where I come from, we call that cuckolding. I mean, really, let me explain.


They’re letting people just tread on them by letting all these refugees come in. We’ve got a bearded man saying he’s twelve and I mean, he’s got a bomb on him to go attack a populated area. That is exactly where this has come with people who are against the immigration plan. I’m not for any of that. I’m saying we need to take every chance we get to keep these refugees out. This is a system they could easily take advantage of without our knowledge. Fiscally, we can’t support any of this. George Bush said, ‘you got to be 100% of the time correct and they’ve only got to be correct once.’ We’ve got to keep our end up here and not let them in.”

Eric Price, Senior, Sports Management

Eric Price. Photo by Lili Weinstein
Eric Price. Photo by Lili Weinstein

“I don’t know. In my gut, I don’t like it. With all honesty, it doesn’t make that much sense to me just because we haven’t had a standing order in a long time against those countries. It doesn’t really make that much sense but also, everything that I hear on the news is headlined. Everything that I get news-wise is through social media, mostly on Facebook. That’s really what I keep up with. Everything I see about it though is just quick snippets and I really try to stay away from the political stuff just because it all mostly annoys me, to the point that I don’t want to get in on those. It seems like every time that I go and watch or read anything, I come away with a negative feeling.

As far as the immigration goes, coming back to that, it honestly doesn’t make that much sense to me because I feel like there’s really no need for it. It sounds like too much of a defensive move when the statistics don’t really support it.”


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