Students hold rally, present Delaney with demands for campus changes

Pierce Turner

Members of the SDS stand outside President Delaney’s office.
Photo by Pierce Turner

The UNF Students for a Democratic Society held a rally at the Green Tuesday protesting and demanding UNF President John Delaney make some changes to the campus.

The SDS demanded for more professors and students of color, for women’s liberation and queer liberation, and for UNF to become a sanctuary campus for immigrants and Muslims, just to name a few.

The protest began at the green, then members of SDS marched to President Delaney’s office to deliver him a letter personally. Delaney never came out and the letter was left taped to the door.

At the green, several students spoke about raising the minimum wage, re-packaging extra food from the cafe to be sent to those in need and protesting against the wall President Donald Trump intends to build.

“No ban, no wall, sanctuary for all,” was one chant that began early in the rally. “Here comes the working class, Donald Trump you’re an ass,” was another.

Sara Mahmoud cites the wall in Palestine when protesting against Trump’s proposed wall.
Photo by Pierce Turner

SDS member John Clarke spoke about the goals of the rally.

“Education and awareness are the expected goals. We want this to be an ongoing resistance rather than just one protest,” said Clarke.

Some students stood by showing their support for Trump and his policies.

“I am all for [immigrants] coming over in a legal fashion, but if they want to be here without proper papers and without a visa, then I would like them to get those,” said Julian Cinca, junior, Spanish major.

Computer and Information Science major CJ Lowery stands by waving an Anarcho Capitalism flag in one hand and held a sign reading “Islam is rape culture” in the other.
Photo by Pierce Turner

A member of SDS, Ryan McClure doesn’t expect Delaney to respond well to their demands based on his past political career.

“If [President Delaney] does not respond the way we were looking for him to, we are going to continue to build the struggle and continue to make his last year a little more difficult than he thought it would be,” McClure said outside Delaney’s office.


List of demands

  1.     Designate UNF as a sanctuary campus
  2.     Enact in its entirety the calls listed in the petition to make UNF a sanctuary campus crafted by Dr. Mann and Dr. Phills
  3.     Ban President Trump and his administration from visiting the campus
  4.     Diversity and Culture
  5.     Further diversify the faculty & staff and student body
  6.     Increase the amount of institutional aid that is available for students of color
  7.    Remove the Cultural Diversity exemption from the General Education Program
  8.    Include a mandatory Power and Privilege session during orientation
  9.    Prioritize a free and open education over the university’s political agenda
  10.    Address the seriousness of mental health issues
  11.    Require safe space training for all professors
  12.    Create a safer, sex positive environment on campus
  13.    Require a consent course for all incoming students
  14.    Make it a requirement to include sexual assault charges on the transcripts of any student found guilty of committing sexual assault (on or off campus)
  15.    Provide a living wage for all staff ($15)
  16.    Divest from any and all companies that are not aligned with our core values


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