Freeze warning in effect for Jacksonville Thursday

Cameron Castillo

Photo from National Weather Service

If the students of UNF needed any reminder as to how upside-down and backwards weather in Florida is, this week is just that.

It seems everyone was confused Wednesday morning when they stepped out of their dorm room and felt the cold bite of wind in 35 degree weather. During March, especially in Florida, this sort of weather is nearly unheard of.

The temperature Thursday is supposed to dip into the mid-20s for several hours, nearly reaching record lows. According to the National Weather Service, all of Jacksonville is under a freeze warning for early Thursday and some parts of Jacksonville will even be under a hard freeze warning.

A powerful blizzard is looming over the Northeast, which is most certainly the cause of the unreasonably frigid temperature.

Temperatures will be in the 30s Friday morning and should ease up by the end of the day with a high of 66 degrees, according to the Weather Channel.

Warmth will not return to our cut of Florida until Saturday when the high reaches a comfortable 76 degrees.

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