Spring Break brings closures to campus

Pierce Turner

Spring Break is finally upon us and there’s never a better time to hit the beach and catch some wav — [looks at the weather] — well at least we can hang out on campus and avoid the rush of classes and the stress of homework. For all ten of you lingering at UNF this break, here’s a list of everything that’s open on campus.


Unfortunately those with a meal plan may feel a little cheated this week as the Osprey Cafe will be closed all the way until the Sunday before school picks back up. In fact, the only restaurants that will be open during the week of break are Ozzie’s at the Fountains, both Einstein Bros., and the Outtakes at Alumni Square. I hope you like bagels and overpriced wraps.

See a full list of hours at right.



The library is open to all you nerds 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Wednesday, only for it to close again for the rest of the break on Thursday! Stop playing with my emotions, library!

Student Wellness Complex

The gym is open until Thursday when it closes for the rest of the week. Make sure to get the gains in before then! No excuses (except if it’s closed, I guess)! No pain, no gain (but please be careful)!


The bookstore seems like the only place that’s staying open Monday through Friday. If you’ve been putting off buying your books for classes until Spring Break then now is your chance! But seriously what is wrong with you? Reading is important.

Above all else, everyone, stay safe and try not to do any drugs if you can help it. Eat some pizza, visit with friends and family, and do your homework (nope).

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