FSCJ faces major budget cuts

Alexandra Torres-Perez


FSCJ is facing layoffs and cuts to programs after the new budget decreased their funding. Photo by Alex Wilson.

FSCJ will face over $4 million in cuts in the upcoming budget proposed by Florida lawmakers. Last year, the FSCJ received a littles less than $78 million in funding, but state legislature is proposing for the school to receive around $73 million this year. The amount of money lost will cause FSCJ to make their own cuts as well.

Around 30 or more positions among faculty, advisors and administrators will be cut from FSCJ due to the budget cuts. These cuts may in turn affect some of the courses the school has to offer.

Johnson also mentioned that cuts to some programs will also be made. However, the school board would have to look at the budget in order to decide which specific programs will have to be cut.

“We always try to have the students come out harmless,” said Jill Johnson, director for marketing and communication.

Around 1,200 students transferred from FSCJ to UNF this past year, according to the Director of Admission Karen Lucas. UNF will be expecting the same amount of students to transfer in this upcoming year.

The proposed budget is still waiting for Governor Rick Scott’s approval. However, he does have the option to veto the budget, which in turn would give the state until June 30 to either make a new budget or override the veto through votes.

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