UNF set to lose almost $6 million in project funding from governor’s budget veto

Hannah Lee

Photo by Lili Weinstein

UNF may lose $5.7 million in funding for buildings and programs from the $410 million that Florida Governor Rick Scott vetoed from the state budget June 2.

UNF requested a total amount of $5.7 million for three projects: $3 million was designated for renovating Schultz Hall (Building 9), $2 million was going to be used for the Culture of Completion & Career Initiative and $700,000 was allocated for the Highly Effective Teacher Grant. Gov. Scott announced that the money would be used for public schools and other projects.

Photo by Lili Weinstein

Other UNF projects that are waiting for approval in the state budget is the Science & Engineering Building renovations ($6.4 million), the Advanced Manufacturing & Materials Innovation ($855,000) and the Jax Bridges Competitive Small Business Initiative ($350,000).

Fourteen projects in Jacksonville were vetoed from the budget, including the above three UNF projects, totaling almost $12 million being cut by Gov. Scott.

A three-day special session will begin June 7 to review the current state budget. The budget has to be finished by July 1 or there will be a government shutdown within the state.

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