Military Veterans Resource Center director retires

Pierce Turner

Navy retiree and Vietnam War veteran Ray Wikstrom is retiring from his director position at UNF’s Military Veterans Resource Center after six years.

Wikstrom, 72, was honored with retirement party by his closest friends and coworkers from the MVRC. He received a framed and signed picture of Veterans Plaza outside of the Student Union, which he helped kickstart.

Wikstrom reflected on his time at UNF and spoke about his plans for after retirement.

“I’m gonna miss [UNF]. I’m a big advocate for military and for veterans particularly so I’m gonna miss the MVRC, but I’m also looking forward to going to see the grandkids and doing other things in my life,” said Wikstrom.

The new director of MVRC, Bob Buehn, expressed his admiration for Wikstrom.  

“He never stopped serving,” Buehn said. “His time in the MVRC is exactly the same as his time in the Navy.”

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