Spinnaker’s Ice Cream Sandwich

Alexandra Torres-Perez

In honor of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, I headed to the Osprey Café to make my very own waffle ice cream sandwich.

The Café has its very own waffle station that is conveniently right next to the ice cream machine.

First, you are going to make your own waffles. There are two types of waffle makers. So, you can make your standard waffles with quarters, or you can make tiny circular waffles. Either one works fine.

After cooking your waffles for two minutes (thankfully, the waffle maker has its own timer), you remove the waffles from the maker, and put butter on the bottom waffle. Personally, I like putting butter in every square, but it is up to you.

After buttering up your waffle, put as much ice cream as you’d like on the bottom layer. Put the second waffle on top, and Voila you have a waffle ice cream sandwich.

To top off your ice cream sandwich, you can put some Hershey’s chocolate syrup and maple syrup on top. The Café also has whipped cream available in the fridge below the waffle makers.

If you want to make your own waffle ice cream sandwich, head over to the Osprey Café and take a quick left to find the station.


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