UNF Student Body President on Charlottesville: “We will not stand for this kind of hate”

Mims collectively creates a statement with other Student Body Presidents in solidarity with those affected by violence in Charlottesville

Tiffany Salameh

Over fifty Student Body Presidents from across the nation have signed a statement in solidarity with the students of the University of Virginia including UNF’s Samantha Mims. The signatures come after a day of violence in Charlottesville, VA Saturday.

Counter protesters met white nationalists Saturday at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA. Clashes broke out and police attempted to disperse the crowds. Around 2 p.m., a vehicle plowed into a group of protesters.

According to AP News, three people died amidst the violence. The rally was declared an “unlawful assembly” by local officials and the governor declared a state of emergency.

These events led up to the collective creation of the statement by Student Body Presidents from all over the United States promising their respective campuses safety from “violence, hate, and racism.”

The statement reads, “We will continue to support students and universities in their peaceful resistance to violence, racism, white supremacy, bigotry, and acts of terrorism on our own campuses and beyond.”

Mims was a part of the creation of the statement and said that she wants to make it clear that hate will not be tolerated at UNF.

“When I was elected to be the next Student Body President I swore an oath to represent and protect all 16,000 students who call the University of North Florida home,” Mims said.  “We all came together to sign this document because we want students all across [the] United States to know that they are protected at their universities and we will not stand for this kind of hate.”

According to Mims, more Student Body Presidents will be signing the statement in the coming days.

A candlelit vigil in solidarity with protestors attacked in Charlottesville, VA is planned for Sunday at 6 p.m. at Memorial Park in Jacksonville. 


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