President Delaney writes editorial praising UNF’s volunteer opportunities

Pierce Turner

John Delaney recently wrote an editorial praising UNF. Photo by Lili Weinstein.

UNF President John Delaney is less than a year away from retiring, but he hasn’t slowed down sharing his love for UNF. Delaney had an editorial published on celebrating the volunteer and real-world experience options given to UNF students.

The article, labeled as a guest column, cites data gathered by the university that shows the amount of times students participated in community-based experiences. According to Delaney, the data shows that students participated 21,000 times and added with UNF faculty and staff experiences, 60,000 times.

“They serve on boards, volunteer at charities, coach youth sports teams and donate money to nonprofits,” Delaney said in the editorial. “This is their community, and they are deeply invested in the success of our area.”

Delaney goes on to praise engineering students, the Brooks College of Health Nursing program and the funds raised by student clubs and organizations. He concludes by stating how much valuable real-world experience UNF students gain through programs offered by the university.

“Students learn valuable skills and knowledge and, in turn, are more employable,” Delaney said. “They gain greater appreciation for various social issues. There is no question that they become more tied to and devoted to our region.”

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