Why UNF’s Chick-fil-A menu is so small?


Photo by Alex Wilson

Pierce Turner

Photo by Alex Wilson

Chick-fil-A is one of the most popular dining locations on campus, but students are often frustrated with the slimmed down  menu and the inability for the location to accept coupons.

The restaurant on campus is actually a Chick-fil-A express, which has entirely different rules from your standard Chick-fil-A . According to Dave Jordan, resident district manager of UNF Dining, they are only allowed to have a limited menu at express locations.

In addition, Jordan says that the register system at the UNF venue is different from the traditional full-sized restaurants, and therefore, they can’t accept coupons that would work at those locations.

He says the only way for them to use coupons is to physically take them to the Chick-fil-A’s headquarters. Chick-fil-A express can accept single item digital coupons, however.

So you’ll have to stick to the basics when trying to “eat mor chikin” on campus.


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