Letter to the editor: UNF is overpopulated

Ken Laybourn

Photo by Joslyn Simmons

Adults and freshly graduated high school students notice one thing when arriving for their first day of college classes.

A VERY apparent, obvious news flash of DISASTER.  A situation that cannot be overlooked, and allows the attendee to observe a fatal flaw that seems to have been neglected or ignored by people in high places. Which is the parking and the overall impression of overpopulation.

We the students spend our hard earned cash on the dreams of personal success. We depend on UNF to honor the agreement of education in exchange for monetary goods, and this has been accomplished. But, we know what has been overlooked. In my humble opinion, UNF’s administrators are allowing too many admissions [students]  into the university. And or there is a fatal flaw going unnoticed that will require a more knowledgeable person to formulate an educated opinion.

Overpopulation seems to be the root cause of parking problems and other issues when commuting. Just the general foot traffic on an average day is overwhelming.

At the library there was a line to get in, running out the door. Many of the students were amused and confused mumbling to each other “ Why is there a line for the library, bro?” Every table and chair was being aggressively defended by students lucky enough to find a place to sit and study.

The hustle and bustle of students left me with the impression that I had taken a wrong turn into a local amusement park. Something needs to change, and with haste. We need to expand the library and parking to an even greater degree than we already have. UNF cannot accept everyone and their mother, and not expect to be drastically overpopulated. We need to aggressively attack the problem of overpopulation. Either by more scrupulous admissions or an increase of all facilities.



Ken Laybourn, UNF Student


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