The Human Race Experience

Doriel Gale-Corley

The Human Race experience is a Kiosk that takes a person’s image with a camera, and converts them to a different ethnicity. The ethnicity consists of Black, White, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Asian. Many universities use the Human Race Experience as a point of discussion for isolating menace. The whole experience lasted about five minutes and participants could see what they would look like as a different ethnicity. 

“The Human Race Experience results challenges UNF students to have a live experience, and also for students to think about their race and others,” said Oupa Seane, the associated director for the Intercultural Center for PEACE

The kiosk was first created by the FBI, and it wasn’t used for changing an ethnicity, it was used for age progression. The FBI was using the kiosk to track down fugitives who were out hiding. A scientist changed the kiosk, and it became what it is today.  This experience ended on Oct. 27.


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