Police Beat: scary voicemails and a box of weed

Alexandra Torres-Perez

Scary Voicemails

Like something out of a horror movie; a UNF employee contacted UNFPD after receiving some unsettling voicemails.

The employee received two voicemails from an unknown caller early in the morning on Oct. 25, according to the police report. The first message lasted a few seconds, and all you can hear is a child crying, according to police. In the second message, police say they could hear an adult male yelling at the crying child, who they guess to be around five to seven years old, for around two minutes.

The man was yelling several profanities and inaudible phrases, according to the police report. Some phrases the police said they were able to make out were: “What’s your momma going to do,” and “You still have to go to school.”  Police also reported being able to hear the child crying hysterically in the background, but they don’t believe the child was being hit.

UNFPD was unable to identify the unknown caller. They contacted the DCF Child Abuse hotline but were told they could not make a report due to not having enough information.

What’s in the Box?

UNFPD arrested a UNF student for possessing over 20 grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia on Oct. 25.

Police arrived at the Osprey Cove after a resident assistant reported smelling marijuana in one of the rooms. The RA gave police access to the room, and police started talking with the room occupants, according to the police report. After talking with the people in the room, police realized that the room’s residents were not present. The occupants were able to contact the student, who gave police permission to search the room according to the police report.

Police found glass bongs, a glass jar with weed inside, and a locked metal box that also smelled strongly of weed, according to the report. The student told officers that the box was his and gave police the key after several attempts trying to find it, and talking with his dad over the phone. According to the police report, the box stored around $1,650, containers of weed, and 13 packets of THC dabs.

The student paid his bond, and has been released from jail. He is set to appear in court on Nov. 15.



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