Police Beat: Threatening emails and a forceable arrest

Alexandra Torres-Perez

Give Me Some Bitcoins

A UNF student called UNFPD in regards to an email he received on Dec. 11 threatening that if he did not pay a certain amount of Bitcoins he was going to be executed.

According to the police report, the email demanded the student had to pay 0.6 Bitcoins in two days, which is around $10,800 in real money. The student was reportedly targeted due to his activities that “causes inconvenience to some people,” according to the email. If the student paid the amount of Bitcoins, the sender stated he would give the student the name of the person who ordered the execution along with any evidence the sender had, according to the police report.

The student told police he wasn’t worried about the email being a real threat. After further investigation, UNFPD identified the sender and the owner of the GoDaddy account that the email was registered under. However, no further information about the registered owner could be found.

According to the police report, the same email was sent to someone else in North Port, Florida on the same day. Police submitted a request for the records of this case, but there will be no further action afterwards.

Rowdy Rider on JTA

Police arrived to the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) bus stop in front of the library on Dec. 7 after the bus driver called about a rider causing a disturbance.

According to the police report, the suspect, Nicholas Cartwright, argued with the bus driver and police officers. Cartwright reportedly started acting aggressively towards one of the officers on the scene. Another officer then ordered him to put his hands behind his back, according to the report.

Cartwright refused, and then reportedly started standing in an aggressive stance. The report states police knocked Cartwright to the ground and forcibly arrested him. The report also states Cartwright strongly smelled of alcohol.

According to the university, Cartwright is not a student as he was not found in the student database.