Club Con is exactly what UNF needs


Photo by Alex Torres-Perez.

Logan Ansteatt

Few things are more essential to having a complete and fulfilling college experience than being involved in something bigger than yourself.

Freshman year and beyond, having a solid group of people with like-minded ideas or interests can pull you out of those stressful exam weeks, bad break-ups or just everyday woes. In swoops the UNF Club Alliance to put on a Comic-Con themed Club Fest on Tuesday, Jan. 30 to help students acclimate with groups they otherwise wouldn’t reach out to.

Club Alliance got it right by incorporating club sign-ups with a small but effective tier reward system. If you signed up for free clubs, you’d get a meal ticket for a perfect helping of grilled cheese from The Happy Grilled Cheese food truck. The warm cheese truly registered a 10 on the taste scale and happened to warm students up, even just a bit, on a day that was unlikely to reach 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Those who reached five club sign-ups received a black t-shirt with the phrase “CLUBCON” boldly printed across the chest, with the list of all the clubs involved on the back.

If you had a hard time finding even one club that might be of interest to you, you’ve probably never ventured outside your mother’s womb. Present at Club Fest were organizations about religion and robotics, clubs for your major, political affiliation and even pop culture tastes.

Events like Club Fest help UNF take on a large university aesthetic, all while keeping a tight-knit community and small college feel.

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