The best #tweetlikethe2000s trends

Reggie Jolly

It feels like every 10 years, the new set of 20-year-olds says, “life was better 10 years ago.” It’s common to the point of cliché, to be honest.

Twitter is our savior, once again, and has given us a moment to pause and reminisce all of the best trends from the 2000s we will always love. Let’s celebrate the trend by listing the best reasons why we need that magical decade back.

Stupid Dog

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Cartoon Network.

“Courage the Cowardly Dog” was arguably one of the best cartoons of the 2000s. The nonsensical, adorable dog is a childhood favorite that had a tendency to have dark, often scary episodes. Most episodes show Courage being hilariously bullied by the grumpy, probably depressed farmer Eustace. Despite that, it was clear Eustace still held the same special place in Courage’s heart as his sweet and lovable wife Muriel. Courage always saved the day, but not without leaving us with a few nightmares (Looking at you, Ramses’ curse episode).

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Cartoon Network.


Disney Channel Original Movies


A weeknight would not be complete without watching a Disney Channel original movie. “Quints,” “Mom’s Got a Date With a Vampire,” “The Luck of the Irish,” “Cow Belles,” “The Proud Family Movie” – these are just a few of the Disney Channel original movies we would be lucky to stay up past our strict 9 p.m. bedtime once a week to be able to finish. None of the movies would be done within the hour and for the life of us, we could not understand why Disney Channel wouldn’t just start the movies at 7:30 instead.  At the time it was the Start of Something New, but it was exactly What I’ve Been Looking For.

Of course, this was before almost every Disney star had their fair share of scandals in years to come, but that’s beside the point. They should Stick to the Status Quo. We will be watching these original movies well into our adulthood. You can Bet On It.


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Speed Drills

Speed drills were dangerous. Not only did we have to legitimately know math, but we raced to finish before the clock, and everyone else. If even one pencil broke, there’s not much hope left for you.

Math and nostalgia don’t usually go together, but also speed drills were a favorite in 4th grade math. Not only were we forced to know how to multiply, but we also had actual fun as we raced against the clock.

Silly Bandz

Silly Bandz were essentially our currency in elementary school. Everyone wanted to be your friend when the circulation in your arms was being cut off by these hilariously shaped rubber bands. Whether you simply collected them or you traded them with people, there was not a child who did not beg their parents to buy them whenever they went to the store.

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