Police Beat: Stolen Beats and other valuables


Graphic by Rachelle Keller

Sam Chaney

Don’t Drop the Beat

A student met with UNFPD at the Student Union game room on Feb. 8 to report a stolen pair of Beats headphones.

According to the police report, the student was sitting in the second floor lobby area of Bldg. 58 West when he placed his headphones on the ground next to his seat.

The student says that he then left to attend class in Bldg. 57 and forgot his headphones where he placed them on the floor.

The report states that he then remembered the headphones and came back to retrieve them, though the headphones were reportedly gone by the time the student came back.

The police report describes the headphones as wireless and matte black Beats headphones valued at $350.

The case has been suspended due to lack of suspect information.

Stolen Cell Phone and Cards

UNFPD was dispatched to Bldg. 41 on Feb. 17 in response to a reported theft that occurred on Feb. 15.

According to the police report, a UNF student left her cell phone, Florida state drivers license, Visa debit card, and UNF student ID card unattended on a table in the Thomas G. Carpenter library where she was studying.

The student says she left the table to use the restroom, and when she returned approximately 10 minutes later her belongings were missing.

The report states that the student did not immediately report the theft because she did not know she needed a report to claim reimbursement from American Express for the theft of the cell phone.

The police report describes the cell phone as a silver iPhone 8 valued at $800.

The incident was not captured on video and the case has been suspended due to lack of suspect information.

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