Police Beat: Broken Lights, Harassment, and Various Stolen Goods

Sam Chaney

I Can See The Light
UNFPD was dispatched to Bldg. 58 on March 8 in response to a report of damaged lights.

The complainant, a UNF staff member, told officials that he had received a work order on March 7 regarding damage on pendant light fixture in Bldg. 58 E.

Upon inspecting the light fixture, the staff member reportedly found that the glass globes of all pendant light fixtures over the information desk were cracked. The report states that the work order came from a senior staff member working the second shift between 3:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

According to the police report, further inspection revealed the damage had taken place after 5:00 p.m. on March 6. When officials inquired with another staff member who had been working at the information desk, she said the pendant lights had been in normal condition when she last saw them on March 6.

A third staff member reportedly confirmed this statement, and then found the glass broken the next morning.

The report states that the glass was broken by unknown means.

The case is still under investigation.

Stolen Student ID
A student met with officials at the UNFPD Police Department on March 9 to report a stolen UNF student ID card.

According to the police report, the student had attended Night of Fun on Feb. 16, where he rode several carnival rides in celebration of Homecoming Week. The student reportedly placed his wallet in the provided plastic bins prior to getting on each ride in order to keep his personal items safe.

The report states that the student went to Ozzie’s for food after leaving the carnival, and he noticed his ID card and $5 in cash missing when he attempted to pay.

Investigation revealed that an unknown suspect reportedly removed the student’s belongings from the wallet while he was on a ride, and then left.

Patrol efforts have been suspended.

Not Your Stop
UNFPD was dispatched to Thomas G. Carpenter Library on March 9 in response to a possible harassment.

The police report states that a female student had witnessed a black male waiting for her at the library shuttle stop four or five times throughout the Fall 2017 semester. The male would reportedly be pacing back and forth near the shuttle stop and mumble to himself while staring at her.

The complainant told officials that on March 2, the male appeared to follow her to the third floor of the library and sat at the same table as her. The male reportedly never spoke to her or attempted to touch her, but the complainant stated that she was made uncomfortable.

When asked about the time of day she would see him, the student said that “it always seems like it’s around the same time on Fridays,” at 10:00 a.m.

According to the report, the student never usually sees the male anywhere aside from the shuttle stop.

The police report describes the male as black/brown skinned, approximately 6’0” tall, normally wearing jeans and t-shirt, and is usually carrying a backpack of an unknown color. The complainant reportedly believes he may be an On-Campus Transitional Student.

Officials advised the student to change her shuttle schedule and locations.

The report is still under investigation.

Stolen Clicker
A student met with officials at the UNFPD Police Department on March 9 to report a stolen electronic device.

The device was reportedly a “clicker” used for taking test and quizzes in class. The report states that the student last saw his “clicker” on his dorm room desk on Jan. 26, prior to leaving for the weekend.

The student told officials that nobody should have been in his dorm during that weekend because his roommate had moved out on Jan. 19. However, when the student returned and attended class on Jan. 29, he reportedly discovered his “clicker” was missing.

According to the police report, investigation revealed that the former roommate had returned during that weekend to put back a desk that he had removed prior to moving out, and that a friend had assisted him in moving it.

Both the former roommate and his friend reportedly denied having any knowledge of the missing “clicker.”

The report describes the “clicker” as being manufactured by Turning Technologies, and it is valued at approximately $68.

Patrol efforts have been suspended due to lack of suspect information.

Give Them The Boot
UNFPD met with a UNF staff member at Bldg. 52 on March 12 to investigate a report of a stolen vehicle immobilization boot.

The staff member told officials that, upon boot check that morning, the immobilization boot in question could not be located. The boot was reportedly placed on a car in Garage 44 on March 9.

The police report states that the staff member provided UNFPD with pictures of the vehicle with the boot on it, a picture of the license plate, a history of the driver from Parking Services and a witness statement from another staff member.

According to the police report, UNFPD ran the tag information and attempted to contact the person whose name it was registered under, but were unsuccessful. Instead, officials reportedly contacted the suspect’s father and are waiting a call regarding this matter.

The police report values the boot at approximately $459.

The case is still under investigation.

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