How some UNF students get through finals

Aisling Glocke


Photo by Aisling Glocke


With finals week coming to an end, many students have adapted different studying techniques. We interviewed students around campus and discovered their studying methods to get through finals week.

Nicole Newsom, a junior majoring in Computer Science, believes attending class and paying attention to the lectures are the best ways to study for exams.

“I attend class, take good notes, so when finals come around you only have to brush up on the subject,” said Newsom.  “There’s no point in cramming because the brain will only remember very little of what you study for the next day.”

David Eckstein, a freshman majoring in Multimedia TV Production, also believes taking notes is important and having someone quiz you is a great way to study.

“When I prepare for finals, I tend to have my notes with me at all times and look at my Power

Points frequently,” said Eckstein. “I also have a friend or family member quiz me.”

Katie Johnson, a freshman majoring in Criminal Justice and Political Science makes flashcards to study and believes what time you study is crucial.

“I use flashcards to write notes down instead because then I don’t have the problem of having too much extraneous info I don’t need only the really important stuff for exams,” said Johnson. “I also typically try to get through the bigger chapters and harder material in the morning because, at night, I found it’s a lot harder to force yourself to do more work late at night.”   

Across the board, reviewing notes are crucial for a successful finals week. If that doesn’t work for you, grab a study buddy and quiz each other on the material. Experiment with a few studying methods and see which ones are best for you so that when next term’s finals some, you’ll be a pro.

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