UNF ASIA hosts Tanabata Night

Carly Kramer

UNF Asian Students in Alliance (A.S.I.A.) hosted their own Tanabata Festival to wish for good fortune in the upcoming fall semester. Tanabata is held yearly in Japan, so UNF A.S.I.A. wanted to bring this festival of the stars to campus.

“It’s to celebrate the meaning of two gods in Japan’s culture,” said A.S.I.A. President Milesh Patel. “Tonight, you make wishes, play some festival games and overall just have fun.”

Tanabata is held yearly on July 7 to commemorate the day that two Japanese gods were able to be together after having to live on opposite ends of the galaxy.

Patel says that UNF A.S.I.A. is dedicated to promoting cultural awareness on campus for Asian countries. In the fall semester, the organization hopes to be more active in the community as well as to gain new members.

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