Riverside: A hotspot for millennials

Heydi Ortiz

Why would anyone want to move to a city like Jacksonville when there are places like Los Angeles and San Francisco? Well, according to RENTCafe, Riverside in Jacksonville places sixth in the nation for trending millennial hotspots, the zip code in specific that has seen the greatest influx being 32204 with a 45.3 percent increase in millennials within a five-year period.

So, what makes Riverside so attractive to young people?

Local art found in Riverside. Photo by Heydi Ortiz

Riverside’s affordable housing market makes it suitable for young people wanting to settle down and buy a house. According to Realtor.com, the median listing price for a house is $295,000 while renting an apartment starts at $450 per month. The affordability in Riverside is an eye catcher for millennials who are looking for a permanent or not so permanent home.

The pluses? An environment with eye-catching views that combines the old with the new. Consisting of several antique shops and vintage style buildings, Riverside attracts young people looking for an area filled with nostalgia and art. The two parks located in 32204, Riverside Park and Memorial Park, are great ways to stay active and enjoy the outdoors.

UNF students seem to love the Riverside area of Jacksonville. Sophomore Public Relations Major Grace Kwak says Riverside is a very welcoming community.

“My church was located there. It’s very interesting and diverse with lots of young people,” she said.“There’s also so much to do like go to antique shops, the theater or to the Riverside Market days.”

The Sun-Ray Cinema at Riverside. Photo by Heydi Ortiz

Freshman Faith Martin says she can also see why it’s a trendy spot for young people.

“There are a lot of small local shops and restaurants and it’s a clean open area. I can see why millennials would want to hang out or live there,” she added.

It’s hard to believe that a place like Jacksonville can cater to millennials. The potential Riverside holds is because of its ability to stay true to its roots while becoming increasingly modern. Before packing your bags and becoming a resident, visit Riverside to see if it’s the place for you.

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