Hunter Killer sinks in latest submarine thriller

Steven Thompson

Donovan Marsh’s action thriller “Hunter Killer”, based on the 2012 book “Firing Point” by Don Keith and George Wallace, is yet another movie depicting America’s reaction to Russian military action against the U.S.

Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

The story is predictable if you have watched similar movies, such as “The Hunt for Red October” or “Crimson Tide.” All three occur aboard submarines and in each movie all three missions, if misinterpreted, could lead to war.

In “Hunter Killer,” the mission of the American submarine crew is to keep watch on a Russian submarine positioned in the arctic.

Unbeknownst to the Americans, a coup has taken place in Russia and their president has been kidnapped. At the same time, the American submarine disappears after being fired upon by the crew of the Russian submarine.

United States Admiral John Fisk, solidly portrayed by rapper and actor Common, dispatches a replacement submarine to the arctic to investigate the mysterious disappearance.

The replacement submarine USS Arkansas is commanded by the unorthodox Joe Glass. Glass is portrayed by Gerard Butler and he is entirely unbelievable. While this investigation occurs, a U.S. Navy SEAL Team is dispatched to observe action on a Russian naval base.

A part of the SEAL team, Lt. Bill Beaman is portrayed by Toby Stephens. Stephens is clueless in this role and his depiction is cartoonish.

America’s top military brass wait to gather information and as they do, Rear Admiral Fisk and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Charles Donnegan, who is aptly portrayed by Gary Oldman, have a few ‘clash of the titans’ moments.

The Navy SEALs witness the Russian defense minister taking their country’s president and they quickly realize the move is a strategy to trigger a war.

The crew of the Arkansas are left to solve the mystery of what really happened between the crew of the American and Russian submarines.

Actor Alexander Diachenko’s portrayal of the Russian president is weak and a bit exaggerated. His rescue by the Americans becomes a clear focal point.

Hunter Killer is certainly not the best of the submarine movies to grace the silver screen, but it is worth watching to combat boredom on a rainy day.

Rating: 2/5 sails

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