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Dark Clouds

Can UNF withstand a hurricane?

Steven Thompson August 28, 2019

Can UNF withstand a hurricane? “I think hurricane conditions are going to stay more heated up because there was a period here when we had winds out of the east and those rains that would come every...

UNF competition pool complex slowly becoming a reality

UNF competition pool complex slowly becoming a reality

Steven Thompson December 2, 2018

Many students may not have known that UNF’s Field House is used to accommodate an indoor pool. Now, a new competition pool complex is being planned on land north of the Student Wellness Center. “Capital...

Interfaith Center hosts non-religious at the holidays discussion

Interfaith Center hosts “non-religious at the holidays” discussion

Steven Thompson November 30, 2018

The Interfaith Center at the University of North Florida hosted a coffee and conversation seminar on Tuesday to discuss religious and non-religious perspectives as they pertains to holiday celebrations. Coffee...

Photo by Steven Thompson

AIDS memorial quilt on display at UNF

Steven Thompson and Sarah Bethea November 29, 2018

On Wednesday, Nov. 28, UNF's LGBT Resource Center featured an AIDS memorial quilt, put on display by the North Florida Quilt Chapter of the Names Project Foundation. The quilt is created by the loved ones...

UNF Assistant Professor of Biology Mike Aspinwall. Photo by Steven Thompson

UNF professor gives perspective on California wildfire

Steven Thompson November 19, 2018

76 people have died, and 9,700 homes have been destroyed in the massive “Camp Fire” wildfire that is burning in Butte County, California, according to CAL FIRE. So far in the past ten days, 149,500...

Courtesy 20th Century Fox.

“Widows” steals hearts in latest heist drama

Steven Thompson November 19, 2018

“Widows” is a heist drama unlike any you’ve seen before. Director Steve McQueen, best known for “12 Years a Slave,” masterfully weaves so many plot twists into the movie that you will feel as...

Department of Education scorecard shows UNF grads earn below state average

Department of Education scorecard shows UNF grads earn below state average

Steven Thompson November 16, 2018

Brace yourselves Ospreys, because where you attend college could have a huge impact on how much money you will earn. According to the U.S. Department of Education’s official scorecard for the University...

The Grinch steals Christmas yet again in latest adaptation

“The Grinch” steals Christmas yet again in latest adaptation

Steven Thompson November 11, 2018

Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” was originally written as a children’s book before it was into an animated Christmas television special that aired on CBS in 1966. After airing every...

Associate Professor David Schwam-Baird. Photo courtesy of the University of North Florida

US sends military in response to migrant caravan

Steven Thompson November 8, 2018

The Pentagon is sending more than 7,000 U.S. troops to the Southwest border to support Customs and Border Protection agents, in response to the massive migrant caravan that is heading to the U.S. According...

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

“Nobody’s Fool” is no fool at the box office

Steven Thompson November 5, 2018

“Nobody’s Fool” is a romantic-comedy directed by American actor, playwright, filmmaker and comedian Tyler Perry. This latest Perry flick is about a snobbish, controlling, corporate-loving...

Graphic by Sam Chaney

New UNF poll shows Andrew Gillum leading Ron DeSantis

Steven Thompson November 1, 2018

A new UNF poll of 1,048 likely Florida voters shows Andrew Gillum leading Ron DeSantis 49-43. According to the poll, 87 percent of Democrats support Gillum and 84 percent of Republicans favor DeSantis. “Almost...

Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

Hunter Killer sinks in latest submarine thriller

Steven Thompson October 31, 2018

Donovan Marsh's action thriller "Hunter Killer", based on the 2012 book “Firing Point” by Don Keith and George Wallace, is yet another movie depicting America’s reaction to Russian military action...

Ian Gibson, a former guard for the UNF Mens Basketball team, now serves as the Director of Basketball Operations. Photo courtesy of unfospreys.com

UNF alumni spotlight: Ian Gibson

Steven Thompson October 28, 2018

One of Ian Gibson’s greatest memories of playing basketball at the University of North Florida is when he traveled to compete against teams he grew up watching on television. He recalls playing in notable...

The history of Halloween

The history of Halloween

Steven Thompson October 25, 2018

Halloween, with its costumes, candy sales, decorations, television specials and movies, has become a multi-million dollar a year industry. It has grown to be one of the most highly anticipated events of...

UNF adjunct journalism professor Nicolas Tatro. Photo by Steven Thompson.

UNF professor discusses the dangers of journalism in today’s modern political climate

Steven Thompson October 23, 2018

Each semester, journalism students at UNF work hard to absorb and apply the information they learn through education. Although education is a great tool which can be used to hone particular interests,...

Tips to stay healthy this cold and flu season

Tips to stay healthy this cold and flu season

Steven Thompson October 22, 2018

The UNF campus is a great place for higher learning and intramural sports. It is also a breeding ground for influenza, which is commonly known as the flu. Cold and flu symptoms are strikingly similar....

UNF assistant mens baseball coach Andrew Hannon. Photo courtesy unfospreys.com

UNF alumni spotlight: Andrew Hannon

Steven Thompson October 21, 2018

As a University of North Florida player, Andrew Hannon fondly recalls when the UNF baseball team played Southeastern Conference powerhouse Mississippi State. The UNF team won two of the three games, but...

Courtesy of Universal Studios.

“First Man” vividly brings Neil Armstrong to life

Steven Thompson October 15, 2018

A number of movies and documentaries have been made to recapture and retell Neil Armstrong’s courageous first walk on the moon, but none have ever highlighted his vulnerabilities as well as “First...

UNF Sophomore Traian Marginean was one of the first to return to Chicago Pizza.

UNF student returns to Chicago Pizza after the Jacksonville Landing Shooting

Steven Thompson October 15, 2018

Chicago Pizza re-opened its restaurant at The Landing on Oct. 5 after being closed for more than a month following the mass shooting that left three people dead, including the alleged gunman. Traian...

Courtesy of Sonya Mongars Facebook page.

UNF alumna returning to campus for book signing

Steven Thompson October 10, 2018

A reading and book signing by UNF journalism alumna Sonja Mongar will be held at the UNF Bookstore on Wednesday, Oct. 10 from 1 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. “Two Spoons of Bitter” is Mongar’s newest...

Emily Strack. Photo courtesy of UNF Athletics.

UNF alumna spotlight profile: Emily Strack

Steven Thompson October 8, 2018

As a young girl, Emily Strack was tall for her age. She was living in Tokyo with her family, and by the age of 12, she was playing basketball. One day, her basketball coach approached her and spoke to...

Photo courtesy of UNF Athletics

UNF alumna spotlight: Tesh Hanson

Steven Thompson October 5, 2018

One of Tesh Hanson’s best memories of playing basketball at the University of North Florida is playing with her teammates, whom she regards as little sisters and a coaching staff, that always kept everyone...

Courtesy of the UNF International Studies Facebook page.

International Mondays: The November election and its importance for Latinos

Steven Thompson October 3, 2018

International Mondays is a series of informal discussions about world events, told by a core group representing multiple ethnicities and languages. The events are a collaborative effort of the International...

Reserved parking in the arena garage.

25 parking spaces reserved in the UNF Arena Garage

Steven Thompson October 2, 2018

If you are used to parking on the fourth floor of the Arena Garage every morning, you may need a back up plan for Oct. 3. 25 spaces are reserved for employers planning to attend the Psychology Undergraduate...

UNF to host annual music extravaganza

UNF to host annual music extravaganza

Steven Thompson September 28, 2018

The University of North Florida’s Department of Music will host the Eighth Annual Jacksonville SINGS! Finale Concert which will be held on Sept. 29 from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at the Lazzara Performance...

Photo by Sam Chaney.

The Lufrano Art Gallery’s new exhibit highlights the rich history of Italy

Steven Thompson September 26, 2018

The Department of Art and Design’s Study Abroad Program in Italy is instructed by ten faculty members. In this program, students are encouraged to absorb and immerse themselves in a culture agriculturally,...

Photo by Steven Thompson.

The new menu at The Boathouse is a winner

Steven Thompson September 23, 2018

When I learned from a colleague that The Boathouse Classic American Bar and Grille, located at the John A. Delaney Student Union, added new menu items, I knew I wanted to go. It took me two years...

The Student Union. Courtesy of UNF.

Can UNF withstand a hurricane?

Steven Thompson September 22, 2018

The last time Jacksonville was directly hit by a hurricane was Hurricane Dora on Sept. 10, 1964. Dora hit Jacksonville as a Category 2 hurricane and delivered six inches of rain. The rain, coupled...

A voter registration form.

Students can now vote on campus; UNF is an early voting site in Duval County

Steven Thompson September 18, 2018

Early voting will now be allowed at the University of North Florida and Edward Waters College as a prelude to the November general election, according to a news release by the Duval County Supervisor of...

Graphic by Sam Chaney

Privacy concerns cause younger Facebook users to delete the app from their phone

Steven Thompson September 16, 2018

More young people are deleting the Facebook app from their phones, according to a new survey conducted by the Pew Research Center and released on Sept. 5. The survey found 44 percent of younger...

Graphic by Sam Chaney

Rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis are on the rise

Steven Thompson September 14, 2018

Rates for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis rose for the fourth consecutive year in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2017, nearly 2.3 million cases...

UNF LGBT Resource Center to host safe space training student edition

UNF LGBT Resource Center to host safe space training student edition

Steven Thompson September 13, 2018

The University of North Florida LGBT Resource Center will host a safe space training session on Friday, Sept.14 at 11:30 a.m. The event will be held at the John A. Delaney Student Union in Rm. 3806...

Courtesy STX Entertainment

“Peppermint” gives audiences a deja vu experience

Steven Thompson September 10, 2018

"Peppermint", the latest action movie from Pierce Morel, will have you thinking that you’ve seen it somewhere before. Make no mistake, no matter how familiar this action/revenge film may seem, you have...

Courtesy of the official Critical Fit website.

UNF Bookstore to host lecture and book signing

Steven Thompson September 6, 2018

A book lecture and signing by current and previous ospreys will be held at the UNF Bookstore on Thursday, Sept. 6 at 6 p.m. “Critical Fit” and “The Last Dragoons of Aurok” are the topic...

Bailey McIntyre receiving her $2500 IT scholarship. Photo by Jax Chamber

Two UNF freshmen awarded IT scholarship

Steven Thompson September 1, 2018

Two UNF students were awarded a $2,500 IT scholarship at the Fifth Annual Tech Coast Conference at the Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center in Jacksonville on Aug. 22. The new $2,500 IT scholarship...

Photo courtesy of Tinder

Makers of Tinder to launch Tinder U: Will Ospreys use it?

Steven Thompson August 29, 2018

Speed dating was once a popular and fun way to date a decade ago—it was part musical chairs, part millisecond interview of potential date partners. Now, however, the fragile dance of potential partners...

Students walk by UNFs flags held at half-staff. Photo by Sam Chaney.

UNF lowers flags in honor of the death of Senator John McCain

Steven Thompson August 29, 2018

On Aug. 27, President Donald Trump signed a proclamation to fly the United States flag at half-staff in honor of the death of Republican Senator John McCain. McCain lost his battle with brain cancer...

The Osprey Fountains.

UNF implements new automated key access system at the Osprey Fountains

Steven Thompson August 27, 2018

New automated key access system locks were installed this summer at the Osprey Fountains. UNF's goal in 2014 was reportedly to replace its existing dorm access keys, seeing as changing and reprogramming...

Astrophysics Professor Dr. Hewitt and Junior Astrophysics Student Shannon Silverman set up the main telescope for attendees to view nearby planets and stars. Photo by Ashley Pace

UNF Astronomy Club to host astronomy night

Steven Thompson August 24, 2018

  The University of North Florida Astronomy Club will host a fun-filled and family-friendly astronomy night on Friday, Aug. 24 at 8 p.m. The event will be held on the UNF campus in room...

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