What Student Advocate Madison Brantley is doing about sexual assault on campus

Alan Vargas, Government reporter

Imagine yourself at a friend’s house party. You grab a drink and relax. You’re playing some games, talking with friends and just having a good time. When it’s time for another drink, someone conveniently hands you one on their way back from the kitchen. Perfect timing! Now it’s your turn at flip cup so you’ve gotta show off your moves.

But something’s wrong.

Your feet feel like you’ve got bricks tied to them. You can’t move your arms. Suddenly, you feel the room start to spin and need to sit down. You find a couch and you think to yourself, I’ve only had two drinks. Why am I this drunk?

What is happening? This isn’t right.

Wait, who handed me that drink? What was in it?

As you start to panic, you grab your friend to tell them that you think you may have been drugged. But your words don’t come out how you want them to and your friend thinks that you’re just drunk.

This situation occurs too often at universities across the nation and the question of “Am I drunk?” or “Have I been drugged?” has been left unanswered for far too long.

Now, imagine that you have a tool to test whether your drink has been drugged with something other than alcohol.

Student Advocate Madison Brantley has worked diligently to bring this tool to the students of UNF.

Drink Smart cards are a tri-fold business card that has two test areas which will change color if they come in contact with the most common date rape drugs, GHB and Ketamine.

SG Senate recently approved the funding for Madison to purchase 2,500 Drink Smart cards to give away to students around campus. This is a trial run with the hopes that students will use the cards and if successful, more will be purchased.

“I want to make sure all students have access to them,” Brantley told Spinnaker in an interview.


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