New firewall blocks adult content on UNF wi-fi

Alex Toth, Features Editor

This past week, students discovered that adult content that was previously available on UNF’s school wi-fi is now blocked by the UNF web filters. Now, we know the reason.

A statement from the University said the blocking of adult content comes with the installation of a new firewall that is meant to “improve network security and stability.” The University’s full statement is as follows:

“The University is always seeking to improve network security and stability. As part of these efforts, a new firewall was installed with new capabilities. One of those capabilities included the ability to filter out adult content sites,” The University said. “The decision to filter such sites was made for the purpose of removing a known path for malware and to remove that volume of traffic from the campus network, which was competing with the primary educational mission of the University network. As a result, this capability was enabled for all employees.”

According to Information Technology Services, this firewall has been an ongoing installation for the past two years.

Students have given mixed reviews to the new firewall. Senior Music Technology Major Alyssa Hillan says that while she understands why the change was made, she still doesn’t agree with it.

“I can see why they would do it, but I think the way the went about it by quietly adding a filter and hoping nobody will say anything is really underhanded,” Hillan said. “I think students should have the right to access any content, or at least be made aware of any restrictions to that content.”

UNF student Cody Lopez also disagrees with the restrictions implemented by the new firewall.

“I don’t think it’s the school’s job to play moral guardian over students who are adults themselves,” Lopez said.

It is unknown whether the University will adjust the firewall to make adult content available again or if these new restrictions are here to stay.

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