How much do UNF events cost?

Kristina Smith

While snagging shirts and free food from numerous campus events, you may not consider how much it costs to fund university attractions. Every year, the Student Life & Services Fee Allocation committee gathers to see what Student Life groups request in funding and vote on allocations.

The Department of Diversity Initiatives requested $13,350, with their Diversity Gala event priced at $7,050.

With multiple events that draw big crowds, the Women’s Center anticipates needing $37, 640. The center is specifically requesting $3,300 for Take Back the Night, $8,960 for the Celebration of Women in the Arts event, and $14,500 for the Women in STEM Conference.

The Intercultural Center for Peace is requesting $12,890. The center is requesting $3,750 for the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Luncheon, which hosted Carlotta Walls LaNier and sold out of student tickets this year.

The Interfaith Center requested $20,700, with $9,150 for Interfaith Week.

Housing requested $7,535 for the Week of Welcome Event.

The International Center requested $44,000. The center requested $32,000 for the International Dinner Dance, a 28-year-old event, and asked for $12,000 for the World Fest Village.

The LGBT Resource Center requested $20,150, with $9,000 for Coming Out Week and $10,000 for Pride-U-Cation.

The Military & Veterans Resource Center requested $750 for a Photo Fun Booth.

The RecWell department asked for $18,100, with events ranging from Harvest Fest to Swoopocalypse to the Love Your Body Fashion Show.

Spinnaker Meda is requesting $8,000 for advertising.

The John A. Delaney Student Union is asking for $9,905 for the Game Room.

The Taylor Leadership Institute is asking for $30,050, wanting to apply $12,800 to the Student Leadership Summit, and $13,800 to the Leadership Speakers Series. The institute also hosts UNF’s Taylor Talks.

Volunteer Services requested $22,960, hoping that $8,000 will go towards OPS wages. They also fund charity resources like Supplies for Soldiers and Lend A Week with Lend-A-Wing.

In total, SLS requests added up to $246,030. The committee is responsible for allocating the $176,333 they have to work with.


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