UNFPD reports a missing student

Heydi Ortiz, Police Reporter

UNFPD was dispatched to The Fountains on April 21, in response to an allegedly missing student, Marisela Analis Myers Vasquez. Upon arrival, police met with Vasquez’s mother who said she last saw her daughter that same morning on their home security camera, which showed Marisela leaving the house.

According to the incident report, Ms. Vasquez stated she thought Marisela was headed back to the Fountains as she always did on Sundays after spending the weekend at home. Ms.Vasquez said she called her several times and had her twin sister call her but failed to get a response back. She further stated that Marisela’s car keys were left in the mailbox and her car in the garage.

The report says police conducted a search of Marisela’s room in The Fountains in an effort to locate her suitcases, which were also allegedly missing.

The report then goes on to say that a key audit of her room was conducted using Marisela’s key which found that Marisela keyed into her room three times on April 21. Once at 6:42 a.m., once at 1:20 p.m. and once at 3:40 p.m.

According to police, there are no signs of foul play. Ms.Vasquez stated that her daughter was extremely introverted and had dyed her hair twice in the two weeks leading up to her disappearance. According to Ms. Vasquez, Marisela has a boyfriend in Miami who she attempted to call but he did not answer his phone either.

The students working the front desk of The Fountains and her dorm neighbor have been instructed to call UNFPD if Marisela returns. Her dorm neighbor says he has not seen Marisela in two weeks.

Marisela is identified as a Hispanic female who is 5’3 ft tall, weighs 140 pounds, has brown short hair and was last seen wearing a tie front burgundy top with stripes and blue jeans.

Spinnaker spoke to a close relative of Marisela’s who claimed that Marisela is not missing but chose to run away. They say Marisela is safe and that she did not leave to be with a guy.

Anyone with information should call UNFPD at (904) 620-2800.


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