2020 democratic presidential candidate: John Hickenlooper

Alex Toth

Age: 67

Experience: Governor of Colorado (2011-2019), Mayor of Denver, Colorado (2003-2011)

Fun Fact: After Hickenlooper lost his job as a geologist in the 80s, he used a library book on business to start his own successful brewpub.

Perhaps the most centrist candidate in the Democratic field, John Hickenlooper is the antithesis to many of his colleagues in the race. He doesn’t support Medicare for All (although he does support universal health care) and he’s also against the Green New Deal (although he still supports policies that fight climate change). However, Hickenlooper does have a history of standing with his Democratic fellows on many other important issues.

As the Governor of Colorado, he passed laws requiring background checks for all gun purchases and limiting the size of magazines, he raised the minimum wage to $12 per hour, which will take effect in 2020, and Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana under his governorship. So while progressive Democrats may make up most major candidates in the field, Hickenlooper may become the candidate that many moderates flock towards as the primaries move forward.


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