Osprey Fountains residents awakened by two fire alarms

Heydi Ortiz, Managing Editor

On the morning of July 15, at 4:00 a.m., residents at the Fountains rushed down the emergency exits of the North Tower in confusion, as the fire alarm continued to sound.

This was the first of two fire alarms that went off that morning. The second alarm went off at around 7:23 a.m.

“I was feeling scared because usually if they’re going to have a fire alarm or a drill or something like that, they aren’t going to have it at four in the morning, so I was thinking it was an emergency response at first but then the fire department came and I was like ‘Oh this may be getting worse.’ I still don’t even know what happened the first time,” said Sophomore, Keymone Blake, who lives at the Fountains.

“I wasn’t too thrilled about the first one. It was kinda like I heard the alarm and I was like ‘Maybe it’s a practice thing,’ but then I was like ‘Oh yeah this is real, at 4 o’clock in the morning I have to get up,'” said Junior student, Diva Chandler.

Residents were not informed of why the alarms went off, and were told to return back to their rooms.

There were no signs of smoke or fire throughout the building, according to Chief Mackesy. He says the system is being checked by Physical Facilities.

Spinnaker will keep you updated as more information unfolds.


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