Spinnaker Staff Picks: College Movies

Drew McDonald, Sports Editor

Courtney Green, News Editor: “Dead Poets Society”

“It’s because of Robin Williams, I love and miss him so much. Also, the carpe diem part has stuck with me, I love that part. I love the drama and seriousness and light parts because of Robin Williams. It’s definitely not been anything of my college experience, it’s very much a romanticized version of college. However, the message of becoming your own person one hundred percent applies to my college experience,”.

Drew McDonald
Spinnaker’s newsroom

Daniela Cruz, Business Manager: “Pitch Perfect”

“I like it because I really like the music in the movie. It might sound basic but I like it. I also like it because my mom likes it and it’s a bonding experience. I liked the sequel and watched the third one, but I didn’t enjoy it. The first time I watched it, I lived in the Osprey Hall with the international students because I’m from Colombia. In contrast, I’m not musical at all, I’d like to sing like Hailee Steinfeld and Anna Kendrick. I’ll definitely watch it this week.”

Kaitlyn Bowers, Video Director: “The Graduate”

“I really like The Graduate because it represents how people who graduate like the listlessness and not knowing what they’re going to do. I loved that soundtrack and the song Mrs. Robinson. It’s definitely representative of how people feel once they graduate. A lot of people don’t have affairs with older women so that contrasts with my college experience. If you haven’t seen it, you should watch it.”

Ramona Ramdeen, Police Reporter: “Drumline”

“I think it’s a really good movie about finding your place in college and how pushing yourself to the limit can pay off while also learning a lot about yourself. My college experience is different because I’m an older student returning to college, but the same holds true because I had to figure out where my place was, learn my strengths and figure out how to fit in,”.

Aisling Glocke, Station Manager: “Legally Blonde”

“I think Legally Blonde is a good comparison to college because Elle just starts out going in to party and she doesn’t know where her career is at. But as she gets farther into college, she starts studying and working like crazy to get good grades and realizes what she wants to do in her life careerwise. There’s also really cool internships you can get while in college. Like I said before, for a lot of people when you first start in college, you don’t really know what you want to do. But the farther you get into your semester, you realize your dream job and all your effort that your putting into it. It’s an amazing film and it’s all about girl power and not judging someone from stereotypes.”

My own pick is “Revenge of the Nerds”. This was a film that hasn’t been appreciated enough due to its lack of star power in terms of actors. The premise of a group of nerds who create their own fraternity chapter, that’s usually all African American, and defeat the Alphas in the Decathalon is so far fetched that it works. I enjoyed the movie because of the pure comedy, how it’s okay to be who you are and that sometimes the nerd does get the girl. In my college experience, my friends and I are nerds, but it’s more accepting in today’s society. We’ve never had to go to the extremes shown in the movie, like putting icy hot in the football team’s jockstraps.

College films are supposed to be outlandish, over the top and even uplifting because it allows adults to relate to a portion of it and go back to the days of late night papers, ramen noodles and exam week.

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