*Spoiler-free* “Euphoria” review

Breanna Cataldo, Features Editor

With Zendaya Coleman going from dancing on Disney’s “Shake It Up” to dancing at drunken high school parties in “Euphoria,” there’s no doubt that the show received quite some hype.

This show had the perfect balance of sad relatability and extreme exhilaration. Each of the main characters had an episode dedicated to their life, so you got an inside look as to why the characters act and live the way they do.

If you watched “Skins” (U.K. version) and enjoyed it, then you’ll love “Euphoria” just the same, if not more.

The cast of “Euphoria” consisted of diverse actors and actresses, most of which I had never heard of prior to the show. Regardless of my lack of knowledge on them, they did a fantastic job displaying the individuality we all feel in our everyday lives.

The directors and writers of this show made it apparent that they wanted to make the show literally seem “euphoric.” The use of lighting, props, colors, clothing and makeup all helped to build the show up to what you’d expect to see just from the title alone. With the help of all of these factors, not to mention the marvelous acting, I was able to feel everything the characters went through emotionally.

While we are on the topic of the feelings the show brings, let’s discuss the soundtrack. The songs used at the beginning, during transitions and at the end of the show, also help to heighten (or lower) your emotions. The soundtrack is a mix of modern and classic songs that range from “New Generation” by The Universals to “Bubblin” by Anderson .Paak.

You can listen to the soundtrack weeks after watching the show, and it will still encompass everything the show’s about.

I will say, the show comes with some serious issues that might not be suitable for the light-hearted. Zendaya even posted a trigger warning of sorts on her instagram, informing readers that the show is an “honest portrait of addiction, anxiety and the difficulties of navigating life today.” If you’ve dealt with physical, emotional or drug abuse, please proceed with caution in regards to watching the show.

I binge-watched all eight 40-50 minute-long episodes within three days. So all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the roller-coaster of emotions this show put its’ viewers through.

I give “Euphoria” a solid 10 out of 10.

To watch the show, visit hbo.com.


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