Halloween Horror Night’s “Stranger Things” themed haunted houses review

Breanna Cataldo

Universal Studios gave the Halloween Horror Nights attendees a chance to travel to Hawkins, Indiana two years in a row.

The “Stranger Things” haunted houses were one of the main attractions both years. I even overheard people saying they went solely for that house. Luckily, I got the chance to visit Hawkins both years, so I am able to compare the two.

I was extremely impressed by the “Stranger Things” exhibit last year, so my standards were pretty high for this year’s exhibit as well.

Last year, the house was so identical to the set of the show, that I wasn’t even scared. The scare actors and actresses all looked exactly like the characters they were impersonating. As someone who easily scares, it was nice to be able to go through a haunted house with my eyes open the whole time.

Both houses included various scenes and settings. You went from Hopper’s house, all the way to the Upside Down in four minutes. The props, makeup and clothing really helped to encompass the nostalgic feeling “Stranger Things” can give you.

On the other hand, the scare actors and actresses this year weren’t as spot on as last year. The makeup, props and clothing still added to the experience, but not quite as much. I will say, fake Billy really did look like the real actor, Dacre Montgomery; So much so, that I stopped during the exhibit to tell him (he just shrugged in response).

Last year, “Stranger Things” was the main attraction. This year, “Stranger Things” and Jordan Peele’s “Us” shared the spotlight, which could explain the lack in certain props and Doppelgängers.

Regardless of where the houses lacked and prevailed, they both made the trip to Halloween Horror Nights worth it, and I encourage anyone who can to go take a trip to Hawkins, Indiana yourselves.


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