Police beat: theft of an iPhone and bumper sticker

Alex Bowman, Police Reporter

The theft of an iPhone

On Sep. 30, a UNFPD officer responded to a call in reference to the theft of an iPhone. 

The officer met with the student who called in the complaint. The young woman told the officer an unknown suspect had stolen her phone which had been given to her by her mother. She told the officer that she had used the restroom on the first floor of Building 15, and five minutes after leaving the bathroom, she realized she had left her phone in the bathroom. She returned to the bathroom to find her phone was missing. 

After discovering that her phone was missing, she tried to call her phone but the phone was turned off. She also tried to use the “Find My iPhone” feature, but the phone was offline. The victim said since she wasn’t able to locate the phone, she was going to turn service off to the phone.

Bumper sticker stolen

On Oct. 3, a student reported the theft of a bumper sticker.

The student said he had parked his car in front of the Osprey Cafe when the bumper sticker was stolen. The stolen sticker said “Trump for President” and it was taken off the back of the victim’s car.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any video surveillance or witnesses in the area of the incident, so the suspect is unknown. 


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