Police beat: another stolen skateboard, violence between roommates, vehicle damage

Alex Bowman, Police Reporter

Another skateboard theft

What’s scarier than the spooks this week? Skateboard theft.

A student’s skateboard was stolen from the racks outside the Osprey Cafe after being left there for only an hour, according to the report.

A UNFPD officer met with the student on Oct. 10. The student said he had ridden his skateboard to the Osprey Cafe and left it on the rack outside. When he returned just an hour later, it was gone. The student told the officer the skateboard was a black penny board with black wheels with a value of $110.00.

As of right now, the skateboard hasn’t been recovered.

Burping leads to violence between roommates

Friction between roommates is normal, but maybe not to this extreme.

A Crossings resident reported on Oct. 21 that he had been battered by his roommate earlier this month, according to a police report.

A UNFPD officer met with the victim at the UPD station. The student said earlier this month he and his roommate had been in their room when the victim burped. Following the burp, the victim’s roommate asked the victim not to burp. However, the victim burped again and his roommate grabbed him behind the neck and threatened to slam his head into the desk. The victim said this was the only incident that has occurred and it didn’t escalate further. The victim said he didn’t want to press charges but that he simply wanted to have the incident in writing.

Damage to a vehicle

On Oct. 23, a UNF student reported damage to her silver 2019 Honda CR-V, according to a police report.

The student said she had been parked her car in Lot #10 and sometime during the night someone or something had caused damage to the front left bumper of the car. There was $300-$500 worth of damage done to the vehicle, according to the report.

Unfortunately, there was no video evidence of the incident.


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