Police beat: swastika graffiti, snack thief, and golf cart vs. light pole

Alex Bowman, Police Reporter

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“F*ck UNF – and”

Someone has some strong feelings about UNF.

Earlier this week, a UNFPD officer was dispatched to Building 2 in reference to criminal mischief in a bathroom, according to a police report.

When the officer arrived, he met with the complainant who is a custodial supervisor at UNF. The complainant led the officer into the bathroom and showed him what he had found while cleaning the bathroom. On the back of the door going into the bathroom, “F*ck UNF – and” was spray painted in black paint. Next, the complainant led the officer over to the sink area where a large Swastika had been painted in the same black spray paint. The complainant next brought the officer over to the urinal room, which had a picture of men’s genitalia painted on the tile wall in the same black spray paint.

The complainant told the officer that just earlier that week he had seen the bathroom without any vandalism. 

There was no video surveillance of this area.

A vending machine thief

Someone had the post-Thanksgiving Day munchies

Last Friday, a UNFPD officer was doing his rounds near Building 14 when he noticed a vending machine that had its glass broken out, according to a police report. When the officer observed the vending machine more closely, he noticed that several assorted snacks were missing.

The officer called the owner of the vending machine to let them know what had happened, and the owner sent a repairman out to fix the machine.

This machine as well as multiple others were secure the previous day, according to the report. Following the incident with the machine outside of Building 14, the other machines were checked and found to be secure.

There was no video surveillance of the incident.

A Golf Cart Accident

Check your rearview mirror…even when driving a golf cart.

Last week a UNFPD officer was dispatched to the scene of a golf cart accident.

The accident happened on the walkway between Parking Garage 44 and Building 45. The golf cart had been backed up onto the sidewalk when the driver hit a light pole that was along the sidewalk.

While the golf cart came out of the incident unaltered, the light that was hit was severed at the base.

Fortunately, the driver wasn’t harmed in the incident.


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