A guide to buying textbooks online

Darvin Nelson, General Assignment Reporter

As students turn the page on a new semester, college costs begin to add up. Going to college can cost a lot of money and as students we’re often finding the best ways to save our coin. 

A good way to save on expensive textbooks is by buying or renting them online. Here are a few websites from the Spinnaker team and fellow UNF peers that can help you buy, rent, or even sell textbooks for a decent price.


“It was great, easy and you can not only buy textbooks, but you can sell them too.” -Miller Mott, Communications Major.


“You can rent and buy books for a pretty good price. Some can be cheaper than the bookstore, but not all the time”. – Drew McDonald, Communications Major.


“They’re pretty cheap and the books are in good condition”. -Bre Cataldo, Communications Major.


“If you don’t mind receiving a beat-up copy or possibly a copy that has annotations in it, you can snag books — including textbooks — for around $4. Seriously, I’ve purchased the majority of my books from this site since discovering it.” -Courtney Green, English Major.

Slugbooks, BookFinder, and Bookscouter are also some great websites to choose your books from. 

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