Police beat: Strange man in the President’s Office

Alex Bowman, Police Reporter

On Tuesday morning, two UPD officers were dispatched to Building 1, room 2800 in reference to a male suspiciously trying to leave a package in the UNF president’s office, according to a report.

When the two officers arrived, they inspected both the men’s and women’s restrooms in an attempt to find the man, but he wasn’t in either of the restrooms. After their unsuccessful restroom search, the officers made contact with the two complainants, one of which told them the suspect had exited the restrooms and turned left which leads to an exit of the building. 

The complainant, who was an office employee, said the man had been holding a dark tote bag as well as carrying a black backpack on his back. She said she had been talking to the witness, whose desk is in the common area of the President’s office. She said the man was standing outside the room and eventually knocked. She motioned for him to enter the room. When the man entered, he asked if he could leave his tote bag inside the office and she said she would prefer if he didn’t. After this, the man left and went into the restroom for five minutes, then walked out. 

At this point, the complainant asked the witness to contact UPD. The complainant said she had seen a cylinder-shaped object with a yellow top inside the man’s tote bag. She also noted when the man walked out of the restroom he was wearing a different shirt than when he entered the office, according to the report.

After talking to the complainant, one of the officers made contact with the witness who said she remembered the man specifically asking to leave the tote bag in the office while he was in the restroom.

The other officer made contact with the UNF Communications Center in order to review video surveillance of the area. The video confirmed that the man had changed his shirt while in the restroom. Pictures of the man were disseminated to UNF officers and detectives, according to the report.

A UPD officer reported via radio that she had seen the man walking from Building 58 towards Building 61. One of the original responding officers made contact with the man outside of Building 61 and asked to search his tote bag and backpack. 

The man gave the officer permission, and the officer proceeded to search the bags. The officer found the yellow object which was a donut-shaped cushion inside the man’s tote bag. When asked about it, the man said he used the cushion to sit on per his doctor’s recommendation. The officer also found the shirt the man had been wearing prior to changing in the restroom. The man said he had asked to leave his tote bag inside the President’s office so he wouldn’t have to set it on the restroom floor. Additionally, the man said he changed his shirt because he had been sweating after walking from Lot 18.

A check of the subject was completed and he didn’t have any warrants out for his arrest. The officer also verified that he is a current UNF student, according to the report.

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