Netflix’s “Outer Banks” review

Darvin Nelson, Features Editor

“Outer Banks” (OBX) follows a group of teenagers that are trying to stay afloat as they uncover the secrets of a long lost treasure. Enemies multiply as they soon realize they’re not the only ones digging for gold. 

Courtesy of IMBD.

After the loss of his father, the neglect of his uncle, and a terrible hurricane; John B and his best friends encounter a sunken boat that wraps them in a storm of treasure, murder, lies, mystery, and team-work. John B will stop at nothing to locate the treasure (400 million dollars of gold) to ensure the wealth his friends and to hopefully find his father who disappeared while searching for the treasure himself. 

The island is split into two sides, “cooks” (the rich) and “pogues” (the poor), and sometimes their differences escalate physically. This classic turf war makes it hard when John B, a pogue at heart, locks eyes with Sarah, a cook from the opposite side of the tracks. 

Each character is conveyed with much depth which allows you to root for and empathize with them. The show surfs characters through parent-child relationships and the pressures of poverty and wealth. It will even leave you almost feeling empathy for the villains. 

Danger and deception wash ashore when John B, Sarah, and the gang get closer and closer to the treasure. John B must face the lies of a rich man when everything he worked for is taken from him and he uncovers the truth about the whereabouts of his father.

As a Jacksonville native, the setting of OBX feels very familiar, so it was easy to immerse myself into the plot. Many popular shows are filmed on the west coast and feature the dreamy California beach-life, so when I realized that OBX was filmed on the east coast, I was excited to finally see that the east coast was shown some love. 

Engaging in OBX was not difficult as the show is as realistic as it could be while still keeping dramatic interest. I binged the entire show in one sitting.

“Outer Banks” is now #2 in the U.S. on Netflix and I recommend adding it to your to-do list.


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