Police Beat


Police Beat
By Kathleen Godfrey

Aug. 25 – Intoxicated Person (outside Coxwell Amphitheater) UPD responded at 8:45 p.m. to a drunken and uncooperative person attempting to access the stage area. Contracted security was removing the subject from the concert. The suspect smelled of alcohol and showed visible signs of intoxication, such as red eyes and unstable footing. He was belligerent and uncooperative when asked to leave. The suspect would not cooperate with UPD when asked if he was a student and tried to walk away. UPD told him he was being detained and assisted the suspect to a police vehicle. He continued yelling and using profanity while resisting, then was placed in a foot restraint for his and the officer’s safety. Due to his intoxication level the suspect was refused at Pretrial Detention Facility and taken to Shands Hospital.

Aug. 26 – Information (Osprey Landing) A student left her dorm room to get some fresh air when she saw a male sitting on the ground. He asked if she had a roommate. She said yes and told him her roommate’s name. The young man then approached her dorm room, opened the door and began yelling the roommate’s name. The roommate came to the door and said she did not recognize the young man. The subject then asked if they were in a sorority. They said no and asked if he was in a fraternity, which made the subject upset. The two roommates then locked their door and began walking away. The subject followed. He told them he lived in Building Y on the third floor and saw them at the LMFAO concert, for which he said he was a DJ. They asked the subject to stop following them, but he continued to do so. At the Osprey Fountains crosswalk on UNF Drive, the girls saw some fraternity members and asked for help. They kept the subject from going any farther and advised him to go another way, which he did. An area coordinator was advised of the situation and said she would complete a housing report.

Aug. 39 – Damaged Vehicle (Lot 55) A victim returned at 9 p.m. to their vehicle to find the right rear window shattered. The officer was unable to determine exactly what shattered the window. It should be noted the vehicle was in a well-lit area, and the temperature exceeded 95 degrees. No further information.

Aug. 31 – Domestic Dispute (Starbucks) UPD was dispatched to Building 41 in reference to an investigation. Upon arrival they met with the victim. She said her ex-boyfriend keyed her car Aug. 25 at a stoplight in Orange Park, causing significant damage. He fled the scene, and she contacted the Orange Park Police. Her ex-boyfriend approached her vehicle Aug. 31, apologized and said he would pay for damages. They exchanged words and left the area in separate directions. Later in the afternoon, he confronted her again at Starbucks near the Library. The victim said he yelled at her for calling the police and said she had better not start anything because this was his campus. She simply walked away. A short time later, he sent her a text that said, “if you f—— see me you had better walk away.” The victim said there was no history of substance or physical abuse. She said since they had stopped seeing each other a few months ago he had been acting “crazy.” She asked how to obtain a restraining order. The UPD officer contacted the victim’s ex-boyfriend via phone but did not discuss the Orange Park incident. The subject said he did have a confrontation with the victim in front of Starbucks, that it was “stupid” and he had deleted her phone number. He was asked to not contact the victim in any way and not accept any phone calls or text messages from her.

Aug. 31 – Sick Person (Building 8) UPD was dispatched in reference to a sick person. Upon arrival, the officer met with a witness. He said he saw the victim fall backward out of her chair to the ground, apparently entering into a seizure for two minutes. Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department Engine 150/Rescue 50 responded to the scene and determined the victim needed further evaluation and was transported to Mayo Clinic. A friend of the victim rode to the hospital with her and said the victim had a history of seizures but was not taking any medication. The victim’s father was contacted and said his daughter hadn’t had a seizure in the past two years.

Aug. 31 – Marijuana (Osprey Fountains) UPD arrived at Osprey Fountains in reference to marijuana use in a dorm room. The officer observed the odor of burning marijuana outside the dorm room and made contact with the suspect. She said she was sleeping and knew nothing about the odor. The officer gained verbal agreement to search the room and found 1.4 grams of marijuana, a clear plastic baggie and a multi-colored pipe. The contraband was taken to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Property Room. The student was issued a notice to appear for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. UPD recommended the student be referred to UNF Student Conduct.

Sept. 1 – Stolen Decal (Building 44/Fine Arts Garage) The victim parked his car in building 44 Aug. 30 at 1:30 p.m. to attend class. Upon returning home, the victim noticed his UNF parking decal was missing from his windshield. The victim said his passenger side front window doesn’t always roll up all the way. He had taped his decal to his windshield, so he could transfer it to his different vehicles. He said the there was no forced entry to his vehicle but could not remember if he had locked his doors. Patrol efforts were suspended due to lack of suspect information.

Sept. 2 – Fire in the cove (Building V) UPD responded to a fire alarm around 1 a.m. in Building V. All students had evacuated their rooms and were standing outside by the parking lot. A resident assistant said an unknown individual set fire to the bulletin board, but the fire had extinguished itself. A witness said he observed the flames upon returning from the Library but did not see anyone in the vicinity of the fire. Due to a lack of suspect information, the officer recommended patrol efforts be suspended.