Isaias Updates: Storm upgraded to Category 1 hurricane; UNF sends email alert

Zach Yearwood, News Editor

Tropical Storm Isaias was upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane Friday morning.

After passing through Puerto Rico, the storm will likely spend Friday moving through the Bahamas on its way to Florida.

The storm is expected to pass by North Florida between Sunday and Monday, according to projections. It is no longer projected to become a Category 2, but it is now expected to come closer to Florida’s east close.

Hurricane Isaias’ projected path, per National Hurricane Center

In its 11 a.m. update, the National Hurricane Center issued a Hurricane Watch for “portions of the Florida east coast from north of Deerfield Beach northward to the Volusia-Brevard County Line.”

A Tropical Storm Warning has been issued for some of central Florida’s east coast as well – from north of Ocean Reef to Sebastian Inlet and Lake Okeechobee.

This is a developing story.

UNF sends email alerts to stay updated on Isaias

The school sent an email yesterday afternoon to provide an update on the incoming storm.

“If there is a change in the weather that would impact University operations, alerts will be provided through multiple channels including emails, text messages, phone calls, Safe Ospreys App notifications, social media, the UNF homepage ab dither communication methods as outline on the Emergency Management webpage,” the alert said.

The full email: