Poster sale returns

Nathan Turoff, Student Government Reporter

Amid worry that it might not return due to COVID-19 restrictions, the University’s annual Poster Sale has indeed come back – along with some restrictions, such as hand sanitizer and social distancing required before handling any posters.

Photo by Michael Herrera

UNF’s Poster Sale, held every year a few weeks into the semester, has been a mainstay for all students looking to collect a poster of their favorite thing, or decorate their dorm. 

The sale is renowned for its countless posters of large size. It has posters about a wide array of possible things, including but certainly not limited to famous movies, iconic album covers, social movements, and much more. 

Photo by Nathan Turoff

The sale is located outside the Bookstore and is set to run this entire week from August 31, to September 4. The hours of the sale are from 9a.m. to 5p.m.

Any student seeking to find a cool poster to hang or hold onto, the poster sale has something for everyone.


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