Jobs you can find on campus

Aloe Suarez, Reporter

With the combination of a global pandemic and University of North Florida’s health safety measures, students are wondering what options they have for employment.

UNF drafted their fall semester reopening blueprint at the beginning of June which heavily enforces social distancing, facial masks, and daily self-assessment checks. The Coronavirus Safety Policy was also created at the end of July for employees and students, stating the disciplinary actions taken if students or employees do not comply with the policy.

However, UNF is still offering federal work-study and standard job positions that still are in accordance with the policy. 

“[The blueprint policy] prioritizes the health and wellness of our students, faculty, and staff as we continue to deliver the enriching experience students have come to expect from UNF,” President David Symanzski said for the blueprint draft.

Students are encouraged by UNF to safely find employment on or off-campus.

Visit UNF’s employment website for job listings, or visit the COAS Career Success Center for additional job resources.


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