UNF community saddened by passing UNF adjunct instructor and two former faculty members

Darvin Nelson, News Editor

Darin Nelson, News Editor

Featured image by Justin Nedrow

The University notified students and faculty that a UNF adjunct instructor and two former professors have passed away this month, in an Osprey Update email. 

Dr. William Ganza was an adjunct instructor in the College of Education and Human Services who passed away on Sept. 28. 

An early supporter of the Higher Education Administration program, Ganza was also a UNF alumnus, receiving a Doctor of Education degree in educational leadership in 2012,” UNF said.

Ganza was an adjunct instructor in the Department of Leadership, School Counseling and Sport Management, and was currently teaching the Personnel Management elective in the program—a course that he created. He was also a past president of the Florida Association for the Education of Young Children and served as the director of faculty development at the University of St. Augustine. Ganza had been teaching at UNF since 2015. 

Dr. Charles Galloway, who was a professor emeritus in the College of Education and Human Services, passed away Sept. 27. Galloway retired from UNF in 2006. 

UNF stated that Galloway “served in a number of roles during his time at the University including chair of curriculum and instruction, associate VP of Academic Affairs and several stints as the acting VP of Academic Affairs.”

Dr. Donald David Farshing Jr., a former naval aviator, passed on Sept. 22. Farshing managed hydro-mechanical engineering for Eastern Airlines and taught at the Florida Community College at Jacksonville before working at UNF for 24 years. 

Farshing retired from UNF in 2007 at the age of 82 as an associate professor in the College of Computing, Engineering and Construction,” UNF said.

You can read his obituary here.


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