Review of Netflix’s “Hubie Halloween”


Erik Feliciano, Reporter

During the 2020 Oscars, Adam Sandler made a promise that he would intentionally make the worst film he’s ever made if he did not receive an Oscar for Uncut Gems.

The result, “Hubie Halloween,” is not his worst film, however. Aside from some cringy moments as well as jokes that just fell flat, it’s a pretty bearable film. There is enough in the movie to keep your attention and with its hour-and-a-half runtime and it doesn’t overstay its welcome.

“Hubie Halloween” follows Hubie Dubois, a naive, sheltered man who constantly gets bullied by the neighborhood kids and former high school classmates. They’ll constantly throw objects at him, some being comically large, as well as scare him like it’s no tomorrow.

The best comparison would be an amalgamation of Little Nicky from the film of the same name and Bobby Boucher from “The Waterboy” in terms of personality and voice that Sandler is known for giving his characters.

Throughout the film, Hubie does his best to make sure everyone has a safe Halloween. While you’d think that’s a simple enough task, very odd and horrific things occur such as a strange man moving in next door to Hubie as well as an inmate escaping from an institution.

Many of the jokes in the film fall flat, to the point where the only reactions that I felt watching it ranged from cringe to air coming from my nose. 

Putting everything into consideration, Spinnaker rates Hubie Halloween a 2 out of 5 sails.