Starter job ideas for students

Mally Nichols, Reporter

Lots of students are looking for ways to get extra cash in their pocket, and a part-time job is an amazing way to do just that. For many college students, there’s not enough time in a day to work long hours and complete all assignments.

Part time jobs are less dedicated than full time jobs, which make them easier for students who attend classes full time. Instead of working a 40-hour week, students can work 30 hours weekly.

Some of the best options for students are usually minimum wage, part-time jobs like dog walkers, sales associates, food service workers, receptionists, assistants, and more.

For UNF students, a good resource for part-time job hunting is right under their noses, right here on campus. UNF offers an extensive list of different campus jobs for students and they can be easily found on the UNF Jobs website.

Here are some of the jobs available on-campus for UNF students and their starting pay rate:

  • Student Caller – $9.00 an hour
  • Tour Guide – $8.56 an hour
  • Gallery Receptionist – $8.65 an hour
  • Educational Aide – $9.00 an hour
  • Event Set Up Assistant – $8.50 an hour

For students not interested in applying for a job on-campus, there are plenty of options outside of UNF as well. One of the most popular hot spots for employment is actually just a short drive away at the St. Johns Town Center. 

Town Center is home to many different restaurants and stores, making it an incredible place to start your part-time job hunting adventure. Here’s just a sample of the places hiring right now with a starting pay estimate:

  • Vans Sales Associate – $10 an hour
  • Express Store Associate – $10 an hour
  • Firehouse Subs Crew Member – $9 an hour
  • Cheesecake Factory Server – $9 an hour
  • Victoria’s Secret Seasonal Associate – $8-11 an hour

Another great resource for your job search is websites like Snagajob and Indeed. Create a profile, upload a resume, and start applying for jobs online instantly. It’s that simple. The websites offer filters for part-time or student-related jobs to find a match that works best for you.

Keep in mind that a work-life balance, or in this case, a work-life-school balance is very important.  School should come before work. Make sure the job you select fits in well with your schedule and won’t interfere with academic progress. Good luck, and happy hunting!


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